Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

There he little Fireman!  And our silly "Redneck" pumpkin as Rowdy calls it! 

Not bad for a $5 costume, eh?  The coat I bought at Goodwill for only 5 bucks, can you believe it?  He already had the hat, axe, and boots (from our trip to Smith and Edwards in Utah). 

We went Trick or Treating with his buddies Seth the "vampire" and James "Bumblebee" transformer.  They did really well saying "Trick or Treat" and thank you to everyone.  Seth even started scaring people with that scary face of his!  They had alot of fun!

After about 2 streets, Rowdy's feet started to hurt and he asked if we could go home.  Seth and James went with their Mommies for more trick or treating and we retired for the evening.  He ended up with a good amount of loot anyway!  It was a quick night but worth it! 

Happy Halloween!

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