Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lions & Tigers & Bears OH MY!

What an awesome trip to an awesome place - Out of Africa Animal Park in Cottonwood, AZ! 
That's Rowdy feeding a giraffe a cookie with his mouth!  He did it three times and didn't mind the slobber one bit!  He also fed a camel (from his mouth), a tiger, and some other exotic African animals.  This place was so cool.  It was pricey but well worth the money. 

It was so neat to see all these animals in their semi-natural habitat. 

Now, that's an egg - an Ostrich egg to be exact!

My Mom knew someone that worked there and he was kind enough to let us in some areas that would otherwise be unaccesable!  We were able to pet some porcupines and look a cobra straight in the eye!  And I am not kidding.  This thing was right in front of me!

They had some beautiful felines at the park, too!

A white tiger and a lioness

My brave boy feeding a tiger named Ezekial

They also has some young bears and a pair of hyenas.  The hyenas were cool to watch!  I had never seen one up close before.  They laugh when they want their food.  And they growl when they are happy and want to play! 

And let's not forget the giant python that Rowdy was enthralled with!  A Python is the longest snake in the world.  It slithered around and never fazed him!  He thought it was the coolest thing ever!

So next time you are thinking, "what should we do today?", why not take a trip to this awesome animal park.  You won't be sorry.  Of course the natives are pretty restless! 

"FEED ME!  I AM STARVING HERE!"  No we didn't feed the zebras but they sure were relentless!

Boom Boom the Rhino