Sunday, September 5, 2010

Preserving the (Stolen) Harvest!

"Give Me Thine Food And I Shall Can The!"

I have been a canning fool, I tell ya!  Dale is making fun of me, but oh well!  This is fun!

I canned 5 pints of tomato sauce - tomatos, garlic, and onion were from Grandpa's garden while the basil and green peppers were from mine!  I shall call it the famous "Family Affair" tomato sauce!  I also canned 3 pints of pickles.  We will see how they turn out as I didn't let them sit in a brine for 24 hours.  I might have mushy pickles but I will know better for next time.  The tomato sauce, however, came out superb as there was a little bit left so I mixed it with some penne, basil, grilled chicken, and some parmesan for dinner that night!  Delish!

Remember all those peaches I mentioned on my last post?  Well, they have been canned and creamed!  Ice cream that is!  I made 3 containers of Peach ice cream and had enough to can 2 pints of peaches in apple juice!   The canning of peaches is a little bit of a pain because it's a lot of work but I didn't want to waste them.  I think it was worth it! 

I finally ran out of stuff to can and went looking in the pantry to find something since I was on a "canning roll".  I was about to open a can of fruit to can it again (not really) when low and behold I remember the 2 bags of apples Dale had purchased to dehydrate and never got around to!  Apple butter, here I come, uh can, uh whatever!  This stuff is the bomb diggity!  I don't want to give it away!  I just want to stash it away and say "my Precious" over and over! 

Now that I feel like Mrs. Cleaver I think I am gonna go sew me a pretty apron and bake a pie.....nah!  That's too much work! 

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